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HarshCo Off-Road

HarshCo Off-Road is a UTV accessories company that specializes in full glass windshields for UTVs.  We are partnered with Tucker Rocky and Nash Powersports to provide off-road enthusiasts the opportunity to ride with a windshield that complies with all the federal safety standards but still generates incredible airflow with our stellar venting system.  We make windshields for the Canam X3, all Polaris Rzr models, Honda Talon, Honda Pioneer, Kawasaki KRX, Roxor, and Maverik Trail . Check out our windshields today at any Tucker Rocky or Nash Powersports dealer nationwide!


Canam X3

Our first and most popular glass windshield is for the Canam X3.  This full windshield is bolted to the cage of the car and uses four straps to hold the frame in place perfectly. 


The three vents that line the bottom of the windshield are perforated aluminum and are pushed out to provide significant air flow throughout the car.  Easy to install vent covers are provided with every vehicle as well in case it starts to rain or you're in cold weather climate!




Can you not find a good windshield for your Polaris Rzr?  We have full glass windshields that fit the 2019 and 2020 models, but also ones that fit the older styles from 2014 to 2018 too!

The windshield is mounted with in house made 6061 aluminum clamps, two on each side of the car for superior durability.  Whether you are in the dunes cruising around, or the rainy mountains playing in the mud, our HarshCo Off-Road Rzr windshield has you covered for the best climate protection while looking stylish while were at it!


Honda Talon


We have full glass windshields for Honda's best performance UTV, the Honda Talon!  Bolted to the top of the frame of the car and strapped in for durability, the bottom of the frame lifts just a tab to provide extraordinary airflow in the car. This windshield gives you amazing climate performance without having to sacrifice any vision so you can cruise like the windshield is not even there!

KRX white.jpg

Kawasaki KRX

Our newest creation, the HarshCo Off-Road Kawasaki KRX full glass windshield is one of our absolutely best designs yet!  The two side vents pull in air flow in a terrific fashion, blowing away all of the groggy heat that you'd get in other windshields.  The full safety glass window is large enough to ensure full visibility for the driver and passenger... Now that is perfect combo!  The frame is bolted to the top of the cage using the ORD cage holes already pre installed, then two aircraft grade aluminum clamps snatch the sides for a completely snug fit. No better way to rip around in your new KRX than with a HarshCo Off-Road glass windshield!

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