Hypnotic PushPro
  • Hypnotic PushPro

    • Abstractively mesmerizing, this stylish multipurpose tool is for reducing the amount of public screens and buttons that you have to touch with your hands.  Equiped with a polished touch tip, the PushPro maximizes usage for all sorts of buttons and touch screen devices. Copper is the most anti-microbial of all metals, meaning it kills or stops the growth of bacteria and viruses most effectively.


    • The PushPro is small in design for the purpose being able to fit in small places and small keychains.  Lightweight in nature (weights less than an ounce), this is the perfect small tool to take to grocery stores or any place you need to use keypads or touch screens!


    • Made from solid copper in Scottsdale Arizona, each PushPro is tumbled with smooth stones and then brush finished to get a stellar copper shine.




    • This product does NOT prevent the buyer from contracting the Corona Virus or any other virus. 
    • This product is used as an extra precaution only.
    • Tapping to hard and/or drawing hard on touch screens WILL scratch or break the glass or plastic screen. 
    • Copper is metal and could scratch door handles if not handled carefully. 
    • The seller is not responsible for any claims or damage done by the product after the sale. 
    • Use responsibly and at your own risk.


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