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We are a full service metal fabricator + manufacturer. Our various machines allow us to cut, bend, weld, machine + finish parts in almost any material. We serve large companies but also devote time to small batch prototypes when we see a need. How can we serve you?

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OMAX WaterJets

At HarshCo we have four OMAX waterjets, known in the industry to be the highest quality waterjetting systems around.  Cutting at pressure up to 60,000 PSI, the jets blast through almost any material and thicknesses up to 8 inches.  Getting your job cut with a waterjet means your part will come out with spot on tolerances of .003 to .008 of an inch.

Omax cutting

LVD Strippit Laser

At HarshCo we have a 2000 watt fiber laser that cuts using Oxygen, Nitrogen or compressor air.  The cutting area is 5'X10' and we can hold tolerances of +-.002".  Contact us for your next sheet metal job!


Large companies trust us to complete complicated jobs with incredible accuracy.  Jobs like slicing through 6.5" thick mild steel, or punching out hundreds of 3/8" stainless steel flanges are no problem for our waterjets and laser.  Projects are turned around lightning quick with a quality that is unmatched in the machine shop world.  

Let us cut your thick steel!

[2] OMAX 55100- 100" long by 55" wide

[2] OMAX 5555- 55" long by 55" wide

[1] LVD fiber laser 10'X5' cutting area

6inch steel


At HarshCo we have mig and tig welding capabilities and can weld steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

Using our highly versatile waterjets and press brake we can create complex pieces that can turn into complex weldments.

We do everything from welding defense, aerospace and mining assemblies to production welding thousands of parts- we would love to become your welding partner!

Welded and fabricated bumper_edited.jpg
Bridgeport Manual mill

CNC + Manual Machining 

Not only do we have multiple waterjet machines to cut all of your 2D designs, we also have CNC Milling capabilities for all your 3D part needs!  We can do prototypes or large production runs all that needs to be supplied is a solid file of the part.  

[1] HAAS VF0 Milling Machine

[1] Bridgeport Manual Mill

[2] FlexArm tapping arms

Part being milled by the manual mill
Graining + Brush

Graining + Brush

We can grain and debur any and all parts that you need, whether its huge signs or small parts!

Laguana Graining + Brush Finish Machine

Laguna graining and brush finish machine
custom brushed aluminum sign
Accessory Services
Press Brakes

CNC Press Brake

We have invested in our CNC press brake and forming capabilities to expand our secondary processes and better serve our customers.  From small projects to production run bending we can complete any job needed.

Our Amanda 88 ton 6 axis press brake can handle complex bends no problem!

Waterbox lids

Accessory Services 

Hole Tapping
Welding + Fabrication
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