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XP Pro Vented Glass Windshield

XP Pro Vented Glass Windshield

$735.99 Regular Price
$643.99Sale Price

Can you not find a good windshield for your Polaris Rzr?  The HarshCo Off-Road full glass windshields offer a supperior venting system that outdoes all of the windshields on the market.  Formed vents that protrude out a half an inch takes air and shoots it through the cab to help mitigate the dust "swirl" that you see with many full windshields.

The windshield is mounted with in house made 6061 aluminum clamps, two on each side of the car for superior durability.  Whether you are in the dunes cruising around, or the rainy mountains playing in the mud, our HarshCo Off-Road Rzr windshield has you covered for the best climate protection while looking stylish while were at it!

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